September 27, 2021

Chit-Chat with @watchrookiee

With over a billion users, functions ranging from single posts to webcasts, and with 28 minutes spent on the platform in average per day, over the last years Instagram has become the largest social network around. In addition to official brands and VIP pages, thanks to the “explore” function and hashtags we are able to discover trends and profiles that most relate to us. About watchmaking, there are now more and more accounts of enthusiasts and collectors who post photos and stories of their precious timepieces every day, competing with the rest of the community through likes and comments. Among the many noteworthy Igers, one that certainly does not go unnoticed is @watchrookiee. With over 40,000 followers and several hundred interactions for each post, @watchrookiee caught our attention. Let’s understand together who he is, how his passion was born and what his preferences in watches are.


Tell us something about yourself.

I’m a 27 year-old diamond dealer that loves to travel and network with people. I’ve been collecting since I was 22 and have opened an Instagram page in 2015.

When and how did your passion for watchmaking begin?

It started when I was 21!  I remember when I had just started working, I went to visit my dad’s client and he was sitting at his desk, setting his watch with a toothpick, and I was like: “What the hell is he doing?” So, I immediately gave him a compliment about his watch and he showed it to me. I just fell in love with it, and this was the moment I knew I had to learn more about this brand and about watchmaking. The beginning of a never-ending love story.

What was your first watch?

My first serious watch was a gift from my father for my 19th birthday: it was a Rolex Datejust 2 Slate grey dial ref 116334! But I didn’t have the passion for watches yet, it came a few years later! 

Scrolling your Instagram profile, among the many watches we often find Patek Philippe. Is it your favorite brand?

Yes. Patek Philippe, Rolex and AP are my favorite brands but Patek has my heart. 


What do you look for in a watch? Do you appreciate more technicality and finishing, or design and inspiration?

I fall for both to be honest. I’ve bought some watches that I truly admire for the technicality and the complications, but the most important factor for me is aesthetics – and then I look at the brand, the history, the finishing, the production. Ideally I want something super sexy that has a very low production and a great history. 

Among the recently presented watches, is there any model that impressed you?

Unfortunately now many brands are postponing their novelties so its quite hard to say. I did really enjoy, from Patek Philippe, the new 5212a steel Calatrava Weekly Calendar! From AP, I really enjoyed their latest chronograph: the Re Master 01, a reincarnation of a beautiful historic vintage AP from the past limited to 500 pieces and a two-tone case – something you don’t see often! 


Talking about small brands, what do you think of Independents? Is there any brand or model that fascinates you?

I have been a big fan of FP Journe, he’s a true genius: I recently ordered an Elegante which will be my first Quartz watch! One day I want to buy an FP Tourbillon or a Resonance.

Leaving out the hot references, is there a watch or brand you would bet on for the future?

From Rolex I would recommend Zenith Daytonas 16520, as a lot of collectors are going for them and clean full sets are easier to find compared to the 4-digit Daytonas. From FP Journe I would recommend any early brass movements: they are very collectible and I think the brand makes like 800 watches a year so you have something very special. From Patek, I would say a nice 3800 still has great value compared to all the crazy Nautilus prices today. Or a good 3940 has amazing value, and that’s mister Sterns’ personal favorite, or a 5960P, and of course my favorite watch, the 5970P! From AP I love the 14790STs, they are still reasonable and the size is just perfect.


Your Instagram profile @watchrookiee is very followed with hundreds of likes and comments. How is your relationship with your followers?

I try to be as active as I can, and I try to engage with everyone. Its not easy but I definitely try my best, and I have made some true friendships through my page and met some amazing people, which is just amazing! I have even a group chat on WhatsApp with people I met through my page: we became super close friends and we even travel together now. Last year we went to Greece – 10 of us – and we just drank all day and talked watches. Perfect right?! 

Among the many watchmaking IG profiles that you follow, which ones would you recommend to our readers?

  • – SimonCSfeir
  • – Borrowedtime7878
  • – Watchace
  • – Watch_1505
  • – Zachattack__25
  • – Horology_ancienne

Recently you added a beautiful AP 15202ST to your collection. Pros and cons?

Pros are definitely the bracelet, the finishing, the dial’s color, the thinness… it is really the perfect Royal Oak and, well, she is a reincarnation of the first 5402A series! There are really no cons on this one, HA! 


Do you already know what your next watch will be?

My next watch will be a Patek Philippe 5740G Perpetual Calendar Nautilus. 

Last question… Is there an “EXIT WATCH” for you?

Yes, I have 2 exit watches: a Patek Philippe 5970P black dial in my honest opinion the best looking dress watch out there, and the 5078P minute repeater enamel dial – not sure if I would take black dial or white… maybe white as the white dial is in enamel. I could listen to that sound all day, and I mean, honestly, it’s just so understated.