April 21, 2024


Watch Insanity, founded in 2015, is the leading web magazine in Italy specialized in “insane" haute horlogerie: incredible, unique and exceptional. The mission is to tell the tales of products and brands with a strong added value in terms of mechanics and design, through emotional content and "lifestyle" chronicles.The most unusual complications, the most sought-after designs, the most original inspirations and the most iconic stories are revealed with taste and creativity through images and videos that bring timepieces to different but always exclusive worlds, from Made in Italy fashion to motors, from design to food. The team, influential, young and international, addresses an audience of enthusiasts and connoisseurs, to let them "taste and live" the watches, with a dynamic and experiential approach.


Jacopo Giudici

Founder & Creative Director

Michele Mengoli


Jacopo Corvo

Independent Brands Specialist

Davide Passoni

Senior Editor

Sandro Fratini


Stefano Mazzariol

Vintage Specialist

Valeria Garavaglia

Special Projects Editor

Alberto Moroso


Luca Barone


Luciano Consolini

Photo & Video

Giorgio Guerrieri

Photo & Video

Federico Costanzo

Front-End Developer

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