May 20, 2024

Urwerk: UR-106 Black Pink Lotus

Brand with a purely masculine DNA, Urwerk launched last year its first feminine timepiece, the UR-106 “Lotus”. This model showed the two founders’ Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei great ability in applying the house’s aesthetic and technical standards to a female watch, and it’s now presented in a new version with a pink touch but a dark spirit: the UR-106 Black Pink Lotus.

Urwerk - Black Pink Lotus - Watch Insanity 01

Created in a limited edition of only 11 pieces, the UR-106 Black Pink Lotus has a steel case, a titanium crown black PVD coated and set with black diamonds, and a titanium case back. Its self-winding movement UR 6.01 indicates wandering hours, minutes and moon phases. Like virtually all of URWERK’s models, indeed, the UR-106 Pink Lotus is based on the wandering hours principle. Three satellite arms, each bearing four numerals, carry successive hours across a scale of minutes in a dynamic display of the progress of time.

Urwerk - Black Pink Lotus - Watch Insanity 02

“We paid particular attention to the details of this UR-106 version,” declare its creators. “The carousel and satellites have been worked on by hand to create a special satin finish, while our workshops have carefully painted each hour numeral and cut-out minutes scale. The moon shines in a sky of lapis-lazuli blue selected from hundreds of different shades, while the outline of the lotus on the back is exactly as Martin drew it. We wanted a sleek, handsome watch for our UR-106 series”.

Mission accomplished.

By Valeria Gravaglia