May 21, 2024

Pre-Basel 2015 – NORD Zeitmaschine Quickindicator V4

Starting from an ETA movement, NORD Zeitmaschine has created a unique module with decentralized hour and minutes indication, and a symmetrical 360° winding rotor with integrated winding weights, which are not visible thru the display back.


The minute hand makes 3 revolutions per hour and travels in 60 minutes over a minute track of 205mm length, which means the hand (top) travels with a speed of 205mm/hour. Because of this, the watch was named Quickindicator, and is possibly the fastest minute hand in any mechanical wristwatch. Travelling on three overlapping ovoid-minute tracks, the minute hand has two axes of rotation, one of the hand itself, and the other the rotating platform the hand is mounted on.