July 23, 2024

Pre-Basel 2015 – Breva Génie 03 Speedometer

Breva, innovative maison which concept is “monitor your environment”, introduces at Basel its third creation, the Génie 03, first-ever wristwatch with a functional speedometer.


The Génie 03 is fitted with a patented “instant speed” scientific measurement mechanism, with a proprietary extrusion mechanism that, when extended to indicate the speed, it stands up 6mm off the watch itself.


The mechanism is similar to an anemometer, the classic device for measuring wind speed, but it has been adapted to display speeds of 20 to 200 km/hour or 10 to 125 mph.


Worn by a cyclist, for example, with wrist exposed to the moving air, the Génie 03 will instantaneously indicate the speed.