May 24, 2024

HUBLOT BigBang UNICO Italia Independent


BigBang UNICO Italia Independent

The new UNICO Italia Independent Big Bang by Hublot has been designed in cooperation with Lapo Elkann and realized in Texalium, innovative material made of aluminium-coated carbon fibers.

Lapo Elkann

The advantage of this unique material is that it can be designed in different colors and has an incredible brilliance, keeping the lightness of carbon fiber.


The strap is made of denim fabric with black or grey studs, and benefits from the interchangeable “One Click” system, allowing to alternate a wide range of straps as one may like.


Inside the Italia Independent customized case, the UNICO Big Bang comes with a pair of I-I sunglasses featured by exclusive design, essential and sophisticated, high- performance adaptable lenses and Texalium frame.

500-piece limited edition available in grey and blue colors.