May 21, 2024

F.P. Journe – La Taille Historique

Francois-Paul Journe has decided to stop the production of the 38mm case. It was not without pain that he took this decision but it goes in the direction of today’s demand for bigger watches.

In order to celebrate this case and all it represented, Montres Journe will launch a unique collection: Five watches enclosed in a precious box. All of them has a 38mm case, for the first time, made of steel, A silver or gold dial and an 18k gold movement.

FP Journe Cofre - Watch Insanity

The models chosen are the most representative in F.P.Journe’s history:

  • Tourbillon Souverain, “Aiguille d’Or” GPHG 2004
  • Chronomètre à Résonance, “Haute Complication” GPHG 2010
  • Octa Reserve de Marche “Special Price” GPHG 2002
  • Octa Calendrier “Special Price” GPHG 2002
  • And Chronomètre Souverain, “Montre Homme” GPHG 2005

These mechanical masterpieces are held inside a prestigious box made of wood and leather. The production is limited and only 38 F.P.Journe clients from all over the world will have the chance to own this Coffret.

The models chosen by Francois-Paul are the most special and exclusive:

Tourbillon Souverain

“in its very first version, called Tourbillon “T”, for the first time with an 18k gold movement”

FP Journe - Tourbillon Souverain - Watch Insanity

Chronomètre à Resonance

“in its rare symmetrical RN version”

FP Journe - Chronometre Resonance - Watch Insanity

Chronomètre Souverain

“with a completely new gold and silver dial”

FP Journe - Chronometre Souverain - Watch Insanity

The Octa Calendrier

“for the first time with a stainless steel case”

FP Journe - Octa Calandier - Watch Insanity

Reserve de Marche

“for the first time with a stainless steel case”

FP Journe - Octa Reserve de Marche - Watch Insanity

The key features are the same for each of the 5 watches:

  • 38mm stainless steel case
  • Bronze colored dial made of Gold with silver sub-dials
  • Brown alligator strap
  • Stainless steel folding buckle

Francois-Paul Journe wants to offer this Coffret to the clients that, in his first 16 years of creations, supported his work by buying F.P.Journe watches.