May 20, 2024

WATCH INSANITY inaugurates the new e-commerce

Every now and then, even we at WATCH INSANITY need to celebrate our novelties and our achievements. Which are starting to count. You already know the first one, our WATCHOUSE forum, which a little more than a year after its birth already has almost a thousand members. Now, here we are with the second one, which could only be an e-commerce platform.


WATCH INSANITY’s e-commerce is a modern platform where you can find exclusive accessories to make your watch unique, from straps to leather watch-holding tubes. Because, as you know better than anyone else, watch enthusiasts are like ladies who, at a gala evening, go crazy if another woman wears their same dress. To each of us, our watch must be unique: the best way to make it unique is to personalize it, making it one-of-a-kind.

Creating an e-commerce platform similar to all others, however, is not like us. This is why the first accessories by WATCH INSANITY were born thanks to an exceptional collaboration, unique in the world of watchmaking. A partnership with a historic Italian denim manufacturer, the Milanese company Candiani Denim. A brand with a record of excellence, and sharing many commonalities with WATCH INSANITY.


A story, that of the company, which began in 1938 when Luigi Candiani started a small production of fabrics for workwear in a small town near Milan, Robecchetto con Induno. His son Primo converted the plant into a denim weaving mill, while his grandson Gianluigi further renewed the product by creating those fabrics that gave birth to premium denim.

Candiani Family 1938

Today it is Gianluigi’s son, Alberto, who is leading the company into the new millennium, with an ever stronger focus on sustainability. It is no coincidence that Candiani – located within the Ticino Park, the first nature reserve to have been established in Italy in 1974 – is one of the denim manufacturers who is most careful about its environmental and social impact in the world, and also supplies a majority of the most prestigious brands on the market.

Candiani Denim’s manufacturing activity takes place in two factories, both located in the municipality where it all began 84 years ago, and covers an area of 85,000 square meters. With 650 employees and a production of about 20 million linear meters per year, Candiani Denim is the largest denim company in Europe.

And let’s not forget two crucial aspects connecting it to WATCH INSANITY: the Italian spirit and, above all, the Milanese character. Two entrepreneurial adventures born decades apart, in two completely different fields, but united by a passion for their work and their territory: that of Milan, which has always dictated styles and trends, both in the world of fashion and in that of watchmaking.


So, what do you find on our e-commerce platform? Straps and watch holding tubes made with Candiani denim. The straps are of different sizes, designed to dress everyone’s watch in a unique and original way. Especially since the choice of this type of fabric is not accidental. Why denim, beyond the Italian and Milanese style mentioned above?

The fact that we decided to team up with Candiani because they are the best should be clear by now. But there is also another reason why we wanted our denim straps. Mainly because it is a material that is rarely seen in watchmaking, almost never: it is much less common than leather, rubber, metal.

And then it is a young, jaunty, easy, sporty material, capable of rejuvenating and redefining the image of any watch, even the most serious. A material that can also be sexy on the wrist, when paired with the right timepiece. One more reason to prefer it to any “already-seen” straps. And speaking of seeing (and touching), the accessories created in collaboration with Candiani that can be found on WATCH INSANITY’s e-commerce platform are also on sale at the Candiani boutique in piazza Mentana 3, in Milan.

Mentana Strap Watch Insanity X Candiani Denim
Mentana Strap Watch Insanity X Candiani Denim

There are two types of straps: MENTANA, a model “with a vintage touch” in blue KR7176 KN-Durance Rinser with orange calfskin lining, remborded and with ecru side seams; and TIC, a “contemporary” model in blue KR7176 KN-Durance Rinser denim with orange calfskin lining, remborded and demi-bobé with tone-on-tone stitching. Each strap is paired with a personalized WATCH INSANITY pin buckle, available in both polished and satin finish.

Ticinese Strap Watch Insanity X Candiani Denim
Ticinese Strap Watch Insanity X Candiani Denim

The KR7176 KN-Durance Rinser fabric is a 100% cotton rigid denim with a low environmental impact dye, while the so-called Rinser finishing gives the denim its typical raw look. The technologies used in the production process replace chemicals with a natural polymer, which allows significant savings in water and energy. In addition, a particular type of dye makes colors penetrate the fabric using less water and chemicals.


We started this piece by writing about leather watch roll. Could the Candiani denim ones be missing? Of course not. Here they are, with three slots, in KR7176 KN-Durance Rinser blue denim with four different colors for the inside: blue, orange, green and yellow. Vitamin colors, with a strong personality, which give free rein to the mood and imagination of those who want to buy the tube.

Magenta Watch Roll Watch Insanity X Candiani Denim
Magenta Watch Roll Watch Insanity X Candiani Denim

After all, that’s how we’re made at WATCH INSANITY: we don’t like banality, and if a watch should be “insane”, that can also start from the strap. Which, let’s not forget, is a product made entirely in Italy, from fabric to production to packaging.

Cordusio Watch Roll Watch Insanity X Candiani Denim
Cordusio Watch Roll Watch Insanity X Candiani Denim

Of course, we can’t stop. It is not in our spirit or in that of those who, like us, love the avant-garde of “insane” watchmaking. That’s why this is just the beginning: our e-commerce platform is destined to become richer and even more cool over time, thanks to more new products. So … stay tuned, stay insane!