May 21, 2024

De Grisogono celebra l’inverno – High Glamour meets High Performance

We find ourselves in Cervinia, in the incredible western Alps, at the border between Italy and Switzerland, to live a unique experience together with de Grisogono and the athlete Christof Innerhofer.

De Grisogono

As you might know de Grisogono high jewelry and watches collections are linked to a unique and exclusive lifestyle, in the world’s most glamorous locations and events.

For this reason the Geneva’s maison offer clients many exceptional experiences throughout their projects and prestigious partnerships.

Luckily, this time we are not here only to see or try a new watch, but to understand in first person this fantastic world that is de Grisogono.

De Grisogono and Rossignol created a ski collection studied on the base of a racing ski, but softened for daily use. A limited edition of 50 handmade pieces, which we got to try along with with the Italian ski champion.

De Grisogono

I’m sure that our words didn’t shock you that much. But trust us when we say that skiing at 3’500 meters together with a ski world champion, that helps and give you advice, doesn’t really happen every day… and it has been UBER COOL!

During the development phase of this project the importance of time has always been the center of our attention. For an athlete the result of a race depends on split seconds… That’s why, with the amazing collaboration with Rossignol, de Grisogono dedicated to the world champion Christof Innerhofer a timepiece, conceived to go along the performance of an athlete made of speed and rage against time his passion and profession.


De Grisogono

This “unique piece” chronograph encloses the caliber CR 10-82 with automatic winding and 42 hours power reserve. Case and lugs are obtained and molded from unique blocks of carbon, shaped by a conglomerate of layers put together. The layers create an original pattern of regular stripes, visible from the sides of the case, and the sides of the loosen lugs, perfectly aligned to the case.

The yellow applied numerals stand out on the black matte dial, this particular tone of yellow, along with the bleu, represents Christof Innerhofer’s race performances.

A black dial, symbol of the maison, which decorates the top of the crown, enriches the watch. The blue rubber strap with a “three blades” buckle completes this Instrumento Uno unique piece.

De Grisogono