February 28, 2024

Watchouse and Breitling, A Meeting Of Passions

Talking to true passionate people can help the brand to speak with a wider audience as well, because these people have credibility, authenticity, in-depth knowledge, and their opinion is important. Especially today, when people read websites, blogs and forums like this one, to find the most reliable information.”

These are not the words of a brand manager, but of a CEO who is at the head of a brand that is the history of watchmaking and who personally goes out to meet with a community of watch enthusiasts: the man is Georges Kern, the brand is Breitling, the community is that of WATCHOUSE – the independent watchmaking forum recently created by WATCH INSANITY. But let’s take one step at a time and… let’s start from the end.

Georges Kern


Georges Kern said it as well: today, forums and communities are among the sources most consulted by fans who seek opinions, previews, news. In the forums, you don’t only find passion, but also transparency; the writer has no hidden goals, there are no masks; you find mutual respect and objective opinions. And that’s WATCHOUSE.

A space you access by invitation, created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, where the discussion is like the salt that flavors the love each member cherishes for the beautiful watches. And, of course, it is non-profit, as claimed by those who founded it: the legendary GiorgiOne (who knows watchmaking forums, and quite well) and the landlord hosting these lines, Jacopo Giudici.

A forum that wants to be more than a meeting point: a place to chat, exchange views, ideas, knowledge, leaving out all kinds of speculation. A virtual but very concrete “playhouse”, just like the passion of those who inhabit it.


So concrete that on July 14th, Breitling and Watchouse met for their first event at Deus Cafè in Milan. Exclusive, in every sense. Twenty members of the forum, few specialized journalists, few selected guests came face to face with one of the most important CEOs in the world of watchmaking.

Breitling’s CEO talked, entertained the audience, shared his vision of the brand and of the work done on the collections over the last four years with everyone. Proving his proximity with WATCHOUSE’s members, recognizing the value of this community.


I love meeting the fans in person, and the Italian ones in particular,” he told us . “First, because Breitling in the 1980s was above all an Italian success story, powerfully relaunched especially thanks to the Chronomat. Secondly, talking directly with collectors and enthusiasts, with people who appreciate the brand, always gives me something: it helps me to think, to reconsider, to improve things. Thirdly, I want to show what we have been able to do in the last 3-4 years and how we have managed to make Breitling an inclusive brand, so that we can target a different audience. We have collections for those who love the classic design of Breitling models from the 30s and 40s, we speak to the ‘nostalgic’ of the 80s as well as to those who have discovered the brand more recently, we create collections dedicated to the feminine world.

These were the three key elements of the meeting between Breitling and WATCHOUSE because, Georges Kern told us again, “fans trust these people, perhaps more than they trust the salesperson of a boutique. For Breitling, they are like another squad.


A squad that, after Georges Kern’s speech, could try on the latest collections of the brand, made available by the Breitling Italia team: the very latest addition, the Superocean Heritage ’57 Pastel Paradise, and the ChronomatSuper ChronomatPremierNavitimer and Aviator.

Pastel Paradise is a capsule collection that focuses on colors, proportions and substance. The 38mm steel case features a rotating bezel and outstanding indices. It’s the essence of the summer style declined in the summer white, aquamarine, mint green and latte version or in the mandarin rainbow version; each model represents the essence of the summer style with a tone-on-tone dial, bezel and strap.


Even the Super Chronomat’s bold look and the Chronomat’s timeless shape, with its classic 1980s rouleaux bracelet now in 2.0 version, did not leave unmoved the forum members who could touch them, wear them, photograph them on their wrist.


Likewise, the Premier Heritage collection tracing the history of the Swiss brand with the latest novelties – the heritage models B09 Chronograph, B25 Datora and B15 Duograph – allowed those attending to finally get a close look at some of the watches that were on everyone’s lips in recent months. The Chronograph with pistachio green dial was among the most photographed during the “touch and feel” moment.


A proof of the success of the event organized by Breitling came from the WATCHOUSE members who attended it. “It was exciting to meet Georges Kern in person and learn more about the brand,” AndreOne told us. “Everything I don’t know attracts me, and I find that the Superocean Heritage ’57 collection has that little something the CEO told us about: revisiting the brand while sticking with tradition. Today’s event is very nice because it demonstrates Kern’s closeness to a community of enthusiasts as well as the passion he puts into it: it’s like when you visit a small winery and the owner tells you the most curious and incredible stories about it. Hearing him speak makes everything more fascinating.

A CEO meeting us is an important sign: it creates a pleasant atmosphere,” confirms Davide. “And then, especially the Chronomat collection with the rouleaux bracelet taken from past collections demonstrates that the things from the past, if done well, always work, they remain the best sellers whatever path the market takes.”

Finally, Gagliardi’s words: “It is nice to get to know from up close a historical brand whose watches represent an excellent balance between historical design and modern materials, ranging from casual to professional models with a very high-perceived quality. And it’s nice that Georges Kern met us with enthusiasm, with his very dynamic way of being, a bit like the brand’s collections. It is a sign of the fact that Watchouse is already a landmark.”

By Davide Passoni