May 22, 2024

Vicenzaoro is up for more watches, and even more WATCH INSANITY

A new Vicenzaoro edition has come – from January 20 – featuring an increasingly intense partnership with WATCH INSANITY. This makes us happy because the Vicenza event, flagship of the Italian Exhibition Group, is now established as the most complete and transversal show to be held in Italy as far as watchmaking in all its diversity is concerned, including the best of the vintage world and an important selection of contemporary brands, as well as the sum of these interests represented by an active interaction with the Italian community of enthusiasts through ad hoc events led by WATCHOUSE’s Bruno Bergamaschi, aka Giorgione.

Vicenzaoro 2023

Getting into the details of the event, the vintage “salon” presents thirty-five exhibitors, including the now usual international “rock stars” such as Stefano Mazzariol, Elvio Piva and Andrea Foffi, who returns with the second “season” of the unmissable “Magister Speedmaster Exhibition” (the first one was presented during Vincenzaoro’s last edition in September) dedicated to the famous – most rare and exclusive – Omega chronographs from his private collection. Not-to-be-missed among the exhibitors is the official bond with Watch Passion, the well-known association of specialized dealers, with a selection of ten associates.

Also of interest is the industry’s contemporary soul on display on the ground floor under the “Time” banner, tapping into the core business of the event and thus regulated by Vicenzaoro’s B2B format dedicated to industry professionals. The brands are approximately fifty. They range from start-ups and micro-brands to well-established organizations, without forgetting established components, accessories, instrumentation and after-sales equipment dealers – among them the great Bergeon and the celebrated Wostep watchmaking school. As for the brands, a dozen at least are worth mentioning (in strict alphabetical order): D1 Milano, Daniel Wellington, Edox, Gagà Milano, Junghans, Locman and its spin-off OISA, Maurice Lacroix, Perseo, our friends at Squale, U-Boat, and Venezianico. And it is precisely on the initiative of Locman’s head Marco Mantovani – a true promoter of the Italian watchmaking mechanical “Renaissance” – that the “Italian Watchmaking and Its Secrets” conference will be held at 4 p.m. on January 20, during which the Italian-made OISA 1937 Caliber 29-50 Cinque Ponti will be presented (as during last edition). On this occasion, Professor Ugo Pancani (FHH – Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva and member of the GPHG Academy) will make an interesting excursus on the relevant role Italy has played in watch history.

Vicenzaoro 2023

Now let’s come to WATCH INSANITY and its many Vicenza engagements. At 4 p.m. on Saturday the 21st, Jacopo Giudici and Michele Mengoli – as you know respectively editor and managing editor of our magazine – will interview Ruben Tomella, owner of Gagà Milano, who will present important new products and reveal a partnership that will surely be talked about by the entire watchmaking world. This will be followed at 5 p.m. by a chat with Giorgione on the origins and future of our WATCHOUSE forum, just before the WATCHOUSE happy hour at 6 p.m. On Sunday there are two other appointments. The first, “The International High-End Market’s Latest Trends” scheduled at 11 a.m., will feature talks by Elvio Piva, Stefano Mazzariol and Roberto Verde, president of the Watch Passion association. While at 3 p.m. we will talk about the Paradisi brand. With 32-year-old Riccardo Paradisi we will analyze the surprising success of his startup with sales all over the world through the social networks’ word-of-mouth. Success motivated by outstanding content – including the important novelty, with incredible technical implications, that he will present as a world premiere.

In short, beautiful things are to be seen. We look forward to seeing you in Vicenza!

Vicenzaoro 2023