June 14, 2024

Squale, many novelties for the legendary 1521

At Squale, Spring is a blossoming of novelties – both in terms of products and communication strategy. On theproducts side, interesting new model versions have been introduced in the historic and extensive ‘1521’ collection, workhorse of the Swiss brand owned by the Italian – and our dear friend – Andrea Maggi. Let’s immediately recall that the 1521 collection takes its name from the first model that was imagined and produced with great success in the early 1960s by the brand’s founder, Charles Von Büren, remaining faithful to the original until today.

Squale 1521 Bronze

More specifically, its greatest strengths have always been two. The first is the unusual and highly recognisable tonneau case with the crown positioned at four o’clock (which has become one of the brand’s symbols over the years), and cleverly recessed to prevent that any accidental shocks during a dive unscrew it or put the watch out of action, consequently endangering the diver’s life. Its second strength instead is its high water-proofness level which on the original model already reached 50 atmospheres of pressure resistance, equal to a depth of 500 metres below sea level. For the time, this was an extremely remarkable and highly professional figure.

Squale 1521 Green Ray
Squale 1521 Militaire

The new developments, however, are not limited to the flagship products but affect also its ‘image’, with the introduction of an effective, powerful and catchy slogan: ‘BE ICONIC, BE BOLD, BE RELIABLE, BE SQUALE’ That’s a big yes to us! In the sense that everything works great! Both the product enhancements and the communication strategy, which feels right because it consistently reflects how Squalists around the world perceive the brand and its core values. Now all we have to do is follow the Squale’s slogans guiding us through the new versions.


Let’s go into detail with two of the most striking – and successful – new additions to the 1521 collection under the ‘Be Iconic’ banner. And indeed ‘Be Iconic’ is perfect for the two new ‘Green Ray’ and ‘White SuperLuminova’ dials with polished 316L steel cases. The first has an evocative shade of faded green, with the usual date at 3 o’clock and the small shark logo at 6 o’clock. 

Squale 1521 Green Ray

The second has a very powerful white ‘full’ Superluminova BGW9 dial in a ‘Militaire’ version – i.e. without the date display, with black hands and two-tone black-orange hour markers. It comes with a leather strap in the same shade as the dial for the green version, and a contrasting black ‘tropic’ hue for the ‘Full Luminous Militaire’ or, alternatively, a Milanaise mesh bracelet.

Squale 1521 White SuperLuminova

The price list, as is Squale’s prerogative, is always ultra-competitive: for the Green Ray with strap we are at €1,145, and for the Full Luminous Militaire at €1,435 with a tropic bracelet, and €1,500 with a mesh bracelet.


‘Be Bold’ goes with a powerful satin-finished bronze case and beautiful ‘Blue Sunray’ dial. Here we find a couple of rare details for the Squale world: the date display and the winding crown at 2 o’clock. The 1521 Bronze is combined with a NATO strap in the same colour as the dial, a bronze pin buckle, and an additional leather strap also in blue. Listed at €1,770.

Squale 1521 Bronze


As for ‘Be Reliable’, Squale relies on the COSC certifications, confirming the black dial and the baton hour markers, as well as the famous ‘Officially Certified Chronometer’ inscription at 6 o’clock testifying to its tested precision. To which the brand new version with a ‘Sunray Blue’ dial is added, again with the baton hour markers. In both versions, the case finish is brushed while the bevels are polished. Price: €1,770.

Squale 1521 COSC


Also new to the 1521 collection is the Militaire version with a bead-blasted case, the usual black dial without date and a ‘tropic’ strap (€1,190) or Milanaise mesh bracelet (€1,225). All the new models – both Militaire and all the other 1521s – have a non-slip knurled bezel, one-way with 120 clicks, and all indexes and numerals in Superluminova for optimal visibility, even in the dark. On the other hand, the bezel ring differs: it is made of aluminium on all models, except on the Bronze one which is made of ceramic.

Squale 1521 Militaire

The ‘engine under the bonnet’ is the unfailing Sellita automatic SW 200-1 in the ‘Elaborè’ version and, of course, a chronometer for the COSC version. With the oscillating weight customised in a shark shape. Finally, the dimensions of the cases remain identical on all models: 42mm diameter, a length at the lugs of 48mm, 12.5mm-thick and 20mm-wide at the lugs. So in conclusion, we can only confirm: be iconic, be bold, be reliable… be Squale!

By Michele Mengoli