July 20, 2024

Singer Reimagined: Divertrack

A few days before Watches and Wonders 2024, Singer surprises the world of diving watches with the new Divetrack, a pioneering timepiece that combines the brand’s iconic design with an unprecedented 24-hour central chronograph function.

Singer Marco Borraccino

« The Singer Divetrack represents a bold leap forward in our quest to reimagine what a diving watch can be » says Marco Borraccino, the visionary behind Singer. «It’s not just about adding a new feature; it’s about enhancing the dive experience with unparalleled precision, functionality, and style.»


Designed to be an indispensable companion before, during, and after your dive, the new Divetrack stands out with its central chronograph, designed specifically to monitor the entirety of your diving session. The central sweeping seconds hand ensures continuous movement, while the prominent orange minute hand meticulously tracks the underwater adventure. 

Singer Reimagined Divertrack
Singer Reimagined Divertrack

Not just for underwater use but also on the surface, especially during diving trips or extended stays at a diving site, the Divertrack helps manage ‘surface intervals’. These intervals are crucial for allowing nitrogen absorbed during dives to dissipate safely from the body. With the chronograph still running, you can accurately gauge the length of surface intervals and plan subsequent dives accordingly. 


The Central Sub-Counter is an exceptional multi- functional tool featuring 3 zones: 

Singer Reimagined Divertrack

CHILL (0h-6h): This zone helps determine the surface interval before the next dive based on factors like previous dive duration, depth, and frequency. 

DIVE (6h-18h): Indicates when you are clear to dive again after fulfilling the required surface interval. 

FLY (18h-24h): Post-dive, this zone highlights the safe window before flying to avoid health risks such as pulmonary embolism. As per PADI guidelines, you must wait at least 18 hours after your last dive before flying. 


Preparing for your dive is effortless. Once ready, simply activate the diving chronograph by pressing the ‘Start’ button at 2 o’clock. Its red pusher guard, preventing from accidental activations ensure security and ease too use. While diving, the main interaction with the watch involves adjusting the unidirectional bezel for decompression timing. 

Singer Reimagined Divertrack

Even in the midst of adventure, keeping track of the day’s time is effortless. Under the rotating bezel, a discrete Singer signature ceramic disk, illuminated with luminescent figures and indexes, subtly reveals the time. This 12-hour disk provides an unobtrusive yet clear indication of time as it progresses. 

As your dive concludes, the unidirectional turning bezel becomes essential for calculating necessary decompression times. The minute hand aggregates the total duration of your dive, including decompression, providing comprehensive and precise information at a glance. 

Singer Reimagined Divertrack
Singer Reimagined Divertrack

The unidirectional turning bezel presents a decompression scale, allowing divers to calculate their decompression stops at a glance. The 60-minute ceramic aluminium ring, a high- performance composite material resistant to shocks and scratches, features Super-LumiNova filled indications and a luminescent applied index at 12h. 


The Divetrack is a marvel of engineering. It features a sturdy 300-meter waterproof case “49 x 19,67 mm”made from Grade 5 Titanium for lightness, complemented by a marine-grade stainless steel turning bezel and caseback

Singer Reimagined Divertrack

A unique sandwich structure incorporates an unprecedented use of sapphire crystals — three in total — for optimal dial visibility, movement showcase, and frontal visibility of the hour disk

Ensuring operational safety, the Divertrack boasts double O-ring push-buttons and a screw-down winding crown, all waterproof to 300 meters. The ‘Start/Stop’ pusher at 2 o’clock is safeguarded against unintentional activation by a red-guard ceramic-coated protector. The ‘Reset’ pusher at 10 o’clock is cleverly designed to prevent accidental usage, only functioning when the chronograph is stopped. Positioned within the watch-case profile, these pushers are shielded from external impact. 

Singer Reimagined Divertrack

The helium escape valve ensures the watch’s functionality in case of saturation dive by allowing trapped helium to escape during decompression, protecting the watch from potential damage. 

Crafted over a decade of development, the Divetrack boasts a dedicated 24-hour version of the AgenGraphe automatic movement featuring 479 parts and a robust 72-hour power reserve. Its innovative design, visible through the case back, ensures optimal legibility underwater, with all chronograph functions with jumping hours and minutes centralised for easy and intuitive reading. 

Singer Reimagined Divertrack

In conclusion, the Divetrack is unparalleled as the world’s first-ever mechanical diving chronograph. With its innovative movement architecture and design that prioritises function, it represents Singer’s ultimate vision in diving watch technology—a pinnacle of practical, high-end mechanics for the diving connoisseur. (Price CHF 85,000 + Tax)