May 20, 2024

SEVENFRIDAY M1/3 – The revolution continues

Sevenfriday englarges the M-Series following the Industrial Essence line, presenting the M1/03, that features a polished stainless steel case with sandblasted deep black animation ring.

Sevenfriday M1:03 - Watch Insanity 02

The dial is built on 7 layers, that encloses three customised disks, animated by an automatic Miyota movement, that displays hours, minutes and seconds,. The numbers on all three disks come in powder print gold as do the fixings locking the interface in position.

Sevenfriday M1:03 - Watch Insanity 03

This is the first SEVENFRIDAY M-Series to feature our NFC chip mechanism which allows its owner to authenticate the watch via the SEVENFRIDAY mobile application. You can scan the watch with an NFC-enabled mobile phone to confirm the authenticity of your watch: the app will confirm immediately. With the chipped models you can be assured you are not buying a fake.

Sevenfriday M1:03 - Watch Insanity 01

Owners of a chipped SEVENFRIDAY can register their watch via the SEVENFRIDAY mobile app. (Available now in App Store and Google Play). Watches that you register are marked as yours and added to your collection in the app. Over time we will roll out a number of very useful after sales services and community features for registered owners. Stay tuned!