May 21, 2024




The TYPE 5 is an evolution of the RESSENCE species and is the first mechanical watch to be perfectly readable underwater regardless of the viewing angle.

Ressence Type 5 - Watch Insanity 04

The TYPE 5 uses advanced materials and design as well as the company’s signature display aesthetic. It also meet the ISO 6425 standards and able to withstand extreme conditions, but with the modernist elegance characteristic of RESSENCE.

The organic design of the TYPE 5 takes its inspiration from nature, specifically from the distinct aqua-dynamic shape of the sea turtles, couldn’t better for an amphibious watch! The case is in titanium, very light and extremely comfortable to wear.

The TYPE 5 is an additional example of RESSENCE’s contemporary haute horlogerie, blending industrial design and micro-mechanical innovation, exhibiting the brand’s distinctively unique means of display – without the use of traditional hands: the Ressence Orbital Convex System, or ROCS.

Ressence Type 5 - Watch Insanity 01

Ressence Type 5 - Watch Insanity 03

Hours, seconds and the oil temperature gauge sit in revolving discs, which in turn orbit inside the main disc of the minute display, which itself is continuously revolving – so this patented orbital display system is an integral part of the dial.

The complete ROCS – all 142 components, including the dial – is immersed in 37.5ml of oil. This is a world first for a mechanical watch. And it’s been done with good reason. Since the laws of hydraulics state that a liquid cannot be compressed, this oil compensates for pressure underwater. And there are other advantages too: the oil keeps those components constantly lubricated. And since they are suspended in a liquid, they are lighter and hence require less power to move, which in turn improves time-keeping. The result is a watch both more ergonomic and considerably lighter than traditional diver’s pieces too. This allows it to be also wearable every day, out of the water.

Ressence Type 5 - Watch Insanity 02

Ressence Type 5 - Watch Insanity 05

The TYPE 5, thank to the use of oil, cancels out what is known as Total Internal Reflection, making it perfectly readable underwater from any angle.

The TYPE 5’s internal architecture comprises two halves – the upper chamber, comprising the ROCS 5, filled with oil, and a lower, dry chamber containing the movement.

To transmit the primary minute information from the movement to the ROCS, the TYPE 5 ingeniously uses connected micro magnets. Another inspiration of the sea turtles, that uses magnetic fields to find their way through the oceans.

Like RESSENCE’s other models, the Type 5 has no crown – rather, the case-back is used both for winding and setting the time of the watch.

The price will be 26.250 Euro + TAX.