May 21, 2024


You can breathe a refined and suggestive atmosphere at the inauguration of the new boutique Pisa Orologeria, located in via Verri 7; event joined by Watch Insanity together with other exclusive guests.

Pisa Opening - Watch Insanity 01

Before the Orologeria Pisa’s building an exceptional entrance greeted us to cross ”the time gate”. The guests paraded on a red carpet before the work, illuminated by neon lights, “We believe in the power of time”. An occasion, where friends and clients, wanted to celebrate the new identity of one of the most important watch boutiques in Italy, an international landmark for experts and collectors.

Welcoming guests at the main door, Maristella and Chiara Pisa, hosts of an evening that has accompanied its guests to the discovery of the new Orologeria Pisa.

Pisa Opening - Watch Insanity 03

A modern space of over 1200 square meters built with quality materials, in which time itself tell its story, with clock references in Guillochè texture; a backdrop to the panels illuminated by turtle shaped sculptures, a long-lived animal, symbol of a lasting time that flows slowly.

Each floor was the scene of an enthralling experience, created for the occasion with a twist and a new vision of time. Three artists involved guests, through sinuous and fluid motions, in an emotional performance. The performers represented the passing of time with a dance accompanied by crystal spheres that were sliding on their bodies, floating in the air, as if these were planets in perpetual motion. The notes of the evening have been played by the music of Claudio Coccoluto accompanied by two saxophonists.

Pisa Opening - Watch Insanity 02