June 14, 2024

La nuova boutique IWC di Milano: il salotto del tempo

IWC has a new lounge in Milan. Entering the new boutique of the Schaffhausen brand at number 21 in via Montenapoleone does not really seem like crossing the threshold of a point of sale, but of a welcoming luxury residence.

IWC boutique Milano

Opened in July, it was revealed on 3 October, with an opening that saw IWC Italy brand manager Thomas Perini welcoming press and enthusiasts, in a family and relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to the friendliness of the staff but also to the particular mood that characterizes the new IWC boutique.


Compared to the previous one, the square footage has significantly increased. The old store was located at number 1, at the beginning of via Montenapoleone towards Corso Matteotti and developed in depth on two floors dedicated to sales: ground floor and first floor.

In the new IWC boutique, now towards Via Manzoni, the sales area is entirely on the street level and extends over an area of approximately 70 m2, spacious and welcoming. It has been designed no longer in depth but in breadth, with the watches showcases which, along the walls and in special islands, embrace the customer from the moment he enters.

IWC boutique Milano

large counter with display cabinets welcomes the customer during his first contact with the watches of the IWC world, while a special station is designed for customers who want to deepen their knowledge of particular models, in anticipation of a purchase.

At the back, however, an exclusive lounge with tables and comfortable sofas is the most private area of the new IWC boutique, in which a copy of the brand’s perpetual calendar caliber dominates on the wall.

IWC boutique Milano

It is a place designed specifically to present new products, exclusive models and drink a coffee or eat a pastry offered by the kind boutique staff. All moments that contribute to elevating the experience of purchasing your watch.

The wood, glass and metal furnishings recall the colors of some of the most exclusive IWC watches and structure the brand’s own boutique concept. However, the trained and welcoming staff manages to give a touch of Italian taste to this concept, bringing the new store into a Milanese dimension that harmonizes with the surrounding ones.


The light is the absolute star of the boutique. Although there’s just one showcase on Via Montenapoleone, the large glass door surmounted by a niche also glazed ensures that the interior is flooded with natural light. An advantage also for those who want to admire the watches, whose colors and details are not always enhanced by the artificial lights of the shops.

IWC boutique Milano
IWC boutique Milano

In addition to the natural light and spaciousness of the sales area, the location opposite to Via Gesù adds airiness to the boutique. Anyone arriving from this street finds the shop window after leaving one of the most exclusive hotels in Milan or after shopping in one of the fashion and accessories shops located within a few dozen meters.

Those who, however, are inside the boutique, through the large glass door have a view both on Via Gesù, up to the vanishing point of Via della Spiga, and on the shops of the top brands on the other side of the street, a scenic backdrop ideal for the exclusivity of IWC watches.


Speaking of watches, in the new IWC boutique in Milan it is possible to purchase or book references from all the brand’s collections, from the Pilot’s Watches to the Big Pilot, from the Portofino to the Portugieser up to the new Ingenieur.

The boutique consolidates the presence of the brand within the Fashion District by expanding its spaces, its offer and the exclusivity of its mood, without however giving up the quality of the service and the competence of the staff.

Because IWC, like other brands, doesn’t just sell watches but emotions that a customer must experience there, on his own skin. Only in this way will the boutique shopping experience always maintain a high value and be different from that which can be found on any other selling channel.