May 24, 2024

Manufacture Royale: 1770 Haute Voltige

Manufacture Royale is enriching the 1770 Voltige line with a new version, the 1770 Haute Voltige. Manufacture Royale designed it as an aspiration to freedom, with an easy-to-set second time zone and a raised balance wheel that dominates the dial.

Manufacture Royale - 1770 Haute Voltige - Watch Insanity 01

The two finely sculpted bridges of the 1770 Haute Voltige progressively rise up on either side of the dial. The first, very ethereal, bridge holds the balance wheel above the setting mechanism, whereas the second bridge positions the second dial at a different height. The construction offers a view of the oscillations of the ultra-light balance wheel and the motion of the escapement, the beating heart of the watch.
Positioned at 5 o’clock, the small dial of the second time zone contrasts with the sunray of the main dial through a quilted pattern and fine polished rim. Open-worked hands indicating the reference time and full hands on the second time zone complete the very characteristic architecture of the 1770 Haute Voltige, for optimal legibility.

Manufacture Royale - 1770 Haute Voltige - Watch Insanity 02

This calibre highlights a double technical feat: a central hour-and-minute display linked to an off-centre secondary time zone display. This second time zone comprises an additional difficulty with a setting by the crown instead of the usual push-buttons. This offers comfortable use and pares down the case middle. Its display on an independent dial adapts to all types of time zones, including rare ones, which vary by a half hour or a quarter of an hour.