May 24, 2024

Linde Werdelin EXHIBITION @ GMT Milano

Milan, Saturday the 6th of June , 5.00 p.m. : GMT “Great Masters Of Time” hosted LINDE WERDELIN’s exhibition in its flagship store,one of the most beautiful and glamorous boutique of the city.


Upon entering the store, the first thought goes to all watch lovers,because GMT is not a simple store, it’s the landmark store where you can admire and know the best things of the charming watch’s world.


Thanks to both GMT’s staff and the L.W.’s founder Jorn Werdelin, we were able to see both extraordinary “Oktopus” and “SpidoSpeed” collections.
What most captures the attention are the colored straps and the skeletonized dials.
The new SpidoSpeed Chrono Titanium Grade 5 features a unique design and a great style thanks to its titanium case. It’s immediately appreciated for its lightness and it gently suits the wrist. Thanks to its both sporty and chic blue rubber strap, this timepiece can be perfect for any occasion.



But the best is yet to come: Jorn shows us how their “THE ROCK” and “THE REEF” instruments work. They are in-house developed add-on digital modules for rock climbers and divers.
“The rock” provides guidance to skiers.
“The reef” provides a tool for scuba divers and it tracks all critical information.
They both record vital data on their logbook for the user to access and download on their computer.

Here are some shots from the event to satisfy your curiosity and to gratify your sight.
Just give yourself a “two-minute time”.. let the pictures speak for themselves.