May 19, 2024

De Bethune: DB28 Kind Of Blue Tourbillon Meteorite

Five thousand years ago, a small piece of the universe fell to earth in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Made from an alloy of iron and nickel, this rare ferrous meteorite’s only adornments were pocks marking the passage of celestial time. But its long voyage didn’t end in the meteor graveyards of Argentina; One day it landed in the hands of an ingenious master watchmaker, who decided to revive its hidden beauty.

De Bethune

In the De Bethune manufacture they molded this ancient material to craft a unique dial, one of the most beautiful ever seen. Applied gold stars on the dial seems rising from the blue and dark Universe which is the meteorite. The hours are marked with pink gold pointers applied on a ring in grade 5 polished and blued titanium, which stands above the dial.

De Bethune

What else could have been integrated to ‘move’ this unique piece, if not the super famous caliber DB2019v3 with Ultra-light 30 second De Bethune Tourbillon in silicon and titanium?

According to us the DB28 Kind of Blue Tourbillon Meteorite is one of the best timepieces presented in 2017 so far. Price is upon request.

By Jacopo Corvo

De Bethune