May 20, 2024

Style & Watches With Lino Ielluzzi

Lino Ielluzzi, well-known protagonist of the red carpet at Pitti Uomo and owner of the prestigious boutique “Al Bazar” in Milan, is considered to be an icon of style. His great ability, or rather it would be better to define it as ‘ innate dowry’ in combining fabrics, colours, accessories with personality and refinement have made her a symbol of gentleman par excellence in Italy and beyond.

Watch Insanity had the opportunity to exchange some words with him. Lino Ielluzzi, every day, reinterprets fashion of all times and elegance is his bread and butter.

lino ielluzzi

Lino, what is luxury for you?

Defining luxury is not easy. People often look for luxury in things, in something material. However, in my opinion real luxury cannot be found in an object. Luxury lies in time! Time to enjoy things…

Luxury in a dress/watch?

Here too, luxury doesn’t lie, banally, in the price, but in a dress tailoring and uniqueness. The person who wears it, of course, also makes the difference. The same can be said of watches: some transform the watch into a valuable object and some others instead make it something jerk. It is a matter of class and attitude.

lino ielluzzi

How do combine the watch with your outfit?

I combine the watch according to time and mood. The choice of every accessory, from the watch to the pen, from the belt to the lighter, right up to the pocket handkerchief can change your day. An accessory can make you feel comfortable or uncomfortable in a given context. For this reason it is important to have an outfit that is always appropriate for the occasion, time, place and mood of the day.

What is your source of inspiration when you get dressed?

You must have fun getting dressed. You don’t have to imitate the style of others, at most take inspiration from it and make it your own. The first person I have to like is myself. When I go out I have to feel comfortable, I have to be self-confident. In the end, what gives each one of us more confidence is liking ourselves. We should always like ourselves and then, and only then, we could please others as well.

lino ielluzzi

What can’t be missing in a gentleman’s wardrobe?

Being a gentleman means having good taste, poise and education. From these criteria a gentleman can be identified. He doesn’t stand out for his outfit, but because he exudes a particular allure and charme, able to attract attention but with discretion. Accessories do not make you a gentleman, but self-confidence, personality and attitude. If you are convinced, you convince others!

How much do accessories count for you?

I think accessories are essential. An accessory is essential in an outfit, it does not complete it, but it defines it. My accessories, for example, are almost always the same ones that rotate according to what I wear. If I realize that I’ve made a mistake or forgotten to wear an accessory, I feel that something is missing.

lino ielluzzi

How do you live fashion?

Fashion is like wind and seasons, it fades and it changes. I often look at the old 20s and 40s movies, and I often get inspiration. In my view, when it comes to fashion, you have to be great observers and have a lot of imagination. You must know how to revisit an outdated garment and how to recontextualize it. You don’t have to wear something new at all times, you don’t need to wear a lot of colours, you can play with just one and try out new combinations.

What do you think about social networks?

I have to say that I have a fair number of followers on my social profiles. Most of them are young and this flatters me. In general, I think that social networks are a good way to interact with the public, a place where you can share your thoughts, be updated and, why not, take inspiration.

What do the watchmaking and textile worlds have in common?

They are two very beautiful and fascinating worlds, for those who love precious things. These are two parallel universes that complement each other and complete a man’s outfit. The beauty of a garment or watch is that they gratify you by buying them, it’s not like buying any object. The watch is fundamental, it is the only jewel that men wear. The first thing I look at is people’s wrist, according to the watch they wear I often understand who I have in front of me.

lino ielluzzi

Your favorite watches?

My favorite watches are those that have a story to tell, a moment, a particular memory of my life. I prefer sporty watches by AP and ROLEX and Patek’s classics.

By Martina Pelucchi

lino ielluzzi