July 20, 2024

Ressence: Type 1 Mr Porter

MR PORTER and RESSENCE just announced the launch of a collaboration between the men’s online destination and the Swiss-Made independent watch brand.Mr Porter

Mr Porter

Since June 20th the two versions of RESSENCE Type 1 MRP are available on MR PORTER website, the Type 1PN MRP is limited to 12 pieces, and is in Grade 5 polished Titanium with Night Blue metallic dial in a 42mm case, while the Type 1 PW MRP is in 18k Rose Gold with Sandblasted White dial in a 42mm case, and limited to 6 pieces.

The Type 1 is the first timepiece presented by Benoît Mintiens (owner and founder of the brand) that consecrated RESSENCE in high watchmaking, thanks to the ROCS system, a 3 dimensional module that allows a unique reading of time.

The ROCS is built with a convex disc with several eccentric satellites that rotates on two axis, which moves the different sub dials, that are in a constant revolving movement, like moons around a planet. This means that while the time changes the dial changes too!

Mr Porter

Mr Porter

RESSENCE and MR PORTER started to partner up in 2015, and since then “Ressence has consistently been a key seller and favourite for our customers and readers”, says MR PORTER Managing Director, Toby Bateman, who continues: “After meeting Benoît at a watch trade fair a few years ago, we instantly felt RESSENCE, with its unique and ground-breaking timepieces were a perfect fit for MR PORTER.”

Many times we saw that the watchmaking industry has been indifferent to the digital world, sometimes almost scared about it. Benoît Mintiens stated that in RESSENCE they “believe in looking ahead and embracing new technologies but to do so with understatement and refinement”, and this new collaboration is “a perfect illustration that analogue and digital should and can work together, to, eventually, enhance people’s experience.”

Ressence Type 1PN MRP, Titanium € 17,500 – Ressence Type 1PW MRP, Rose Gold € 29,500