February 22, 2024

Publishing secrets and curiosities with Guido & Giorgia Mondani

Mondani Editore needs no introduction, it surely is one of the most reliable sources to always keep updated on evolutions, news, events, brands and collectible watches.

Watch Insanity had the pleasure to meet the Mondani team who revealed some curiosities and secrets of this fascinating world. Guido Mondani in first person answered our questions, professional editor for 30 years and Rolex and Patek Philippe collector since 1986. A benchmark for all Italian and worldwide collectors, internationally acknowledged for his reliability and carefulness, who better than him could have told us the present and future story of watchmaking.

Next to him, his daughter Giorgia Mondani, who grew up with the passion for watches, today marketing director of Mondani Editore, taking care of the foreign market development. She writes for the Italian magazine Watchshop and the Spanish magazine RE. She is founder and active journalist of the mondaniblog and of Author of “Tutto Rolex” and “Rolex Acciaio”.


When do you wear a Rolex and when a Patek Philippe?

GIORGIA: I always wear a Rolex, I love Patek Philippe, but for everyday life I do prefer a Rolex.

GUIDO: Moost of the time I wear my Rolex Submariner, customized by Bamford Watch Department for my 70th birthday or I wear a Day-Date to see day, hours and date. When I wear a Patek it’s always a Nautilus, complicated watches only for special occasions.

What do you mean by watch collecting?

GUIDO: I mean passion and investment, that is the “motto” and aim of the books we make. Our editions make collecting not only a passion to follow, but also a good investment.

Do you remember your first watch?

GUIDO: My wife Franca gave me my first Rolex quite a few years ago. It was 1986 when she, who later became my most precious cooperator in the editorial activity, gave me my first Rolex, an automatic moon-phase from 1950. This way the spark arose and, as in all the best “love stories”, my interest and passion grew day by day; I started reading up catalogues and contacting experts and watch makers.

GIORGIA: My dad gave me my first Rolex when I was only 12 years after winning a tennis competition. It was 1996 and the watch was a lady Oyster. Then he gave me my second one when I won the gold medal for “best European player” at the age of 16.

What makes a watch precious?

GIORGIA: From a woman point of view I would say diamonds and gemstones, of course.. But from the point of view of someone who knows the market, rarity and its story are what make a watch precious.

GUIDO: It depends on the point of view.. The metal makes a watch more or less valuable.. A gold or platinum watch is precious. But as a collector, its story is what gives preciousness. Rarity, limited editions, customized dials make a watch valuable.

“Guido Mondani Editore”, publishing house founded in 1979, How much is tradition a limit, and how much an inspiration for you?

GIORGIA: To me and my family tradition is the base for innovation. Making always more specialized products, satisfying the collector and merchant’s needs, dealing with new topics, wouldn’t have the same importance if we wouldn’t ground everything in those accuracy and professionality which allow a company to go on since 40 years ago. Tradition allows us to have solid basis for innovation: every year the Guido Mondani Editore publishes at least one or two titles on Rolex or Patek Philippe, giving always a more specific communication and making more extended researches. Furthermore, we try to widen our offer by selling stocks on other brands since it’s what our several customers worldwide ask for. We are on social networks and forums, we are updated on fashion and trends and we succeeded in becoming a benchmark both on magazines and online, for this reason Mondani Editore tradition has been supported by Mondani Web innovation, allowing respected merchants and dealers to offer their products online with incomparable visibility.

How do you see the “Guido Mondani Editore” in 10 years?

GIORGIA: I see it here, in a world going against books, reading, calm and research, I see our books in the libraries of watch collectors, more and more available in shops and boutiques. I see niche products, limited and prestigious editions, supported by indispensable guides for buying, selling, collecting watches, with worldwide diffusion. I also see that apps are increasing, an aspect we are already developing with Apple thanks to different digital editions and with Android as well, but in a more limited way. I surely imagine that web and socials will have a more and more important role, therefore I see the Web project growing together with books, always based on seriousness and reputation for which we are internationally acknowledged.

You have been a professional editor for 30 years and a Rolex and Patek Philippe collector since 1986, If you were to tell me three watches representing these three decades, what would you pick?

GUIDO: I’d say the Paul Newman, it’s a legend. I’d say the Nautilus Patek Philippe since thanks to an idea of the genius Gerald Gents, this watch allowed Patek to become a fashion symbol beside being the brand we, as collectors, appreciate for its masterpieces. I’d say the Submarier because its value continuously increases, it represents all ages, always on the market becoming not only an important collection piece, but a cult and fashion piece.

Why today is the watch more associated to the men world?

GIORGIA: Because the watch is the only accessory a man can use to complete his look. Nowadays also bracelets and cufflinks are coming back, but watches have always gone with men looks and they always will. As women we have different “passions” and we can match our looks with so many accessories. Especially for Italians, fashion is an important daily “matter” and for myself I as well love many other accessories apart from watches. I believe all women have a weakness for shoes and bags, as well as rings, earrings, necklaces and you name it.

There are people believing accessories do not complete the total look. What do you think about it?

GIORGIA: The watch is the “cherry on top” both for men and women looks. I love big watches, the men ones, and I love matching colors of my dresses with dials, metal or ferrule colors. The watch is the real touch of class.

How do you see the evolution of the watch market?

GUIDO: I believe some styles will continuously increase their value, and they’ll be always demanded. Auction houses allow to admire rare pieces, socials allow to get everywhere and watches have always more visibility. Socials are changing and will keep on changing the watch market, Instagram in particular is a showcase for selling.

By Martina Pelucchi