May 20, 2024

Bell&Ross: BR 03 Gyrocompass

The fighter plane silhouette in the centre of the black dial leaves no room for doubt. With the new limited-edition BR 03 Gyrocompass, Bell&Ross pays tribute to one of its favourite worlds: aeronautics. The appearance of the watch is faithful to the kind of technical design used for a pilot’s dial at the helm of an aircraft, adopting the graphic codes for what is known to professionals as a course indicator. This guiding element on the dashboard is essential: at a single glance, the representation of an aircraft in the sky tells pilots their direction of travel, allowing the position to be realigned on a magnetic compass if necessary. 

Bell&Ross BR 03 Gyrocompass

The BR 03 family is a central pillar in the Bell&Ross collections. Since launching in 2006, the concept has showcased the watchmaking Maison’s full capability: taking the indicators of an aircraft dashboard and reinterpreting them for the wrist. Reinvented this year in new proportions, the iconic rounded square shape of the BR 03 range now comes in a 41mm case. Also available in this new size, the BR 03 Gyrocompass has a black ceramic case just 10.6 mm thick and waterproof to 100 metres. A robust finish inspired by aeronautical equipment, the black rubber strap fastens with a steel pin buckle with black PVD coating, underlining the professional dimension of the limited series watch of 999 pieces


The display of the new BR 03 Gyrocompass has been designed to offer perfect practical readability in all circumstances, day, or night. The fighter plane silhouette draws attention. The tip of the plane’s nose aligns with the indices so that the wearer can tell the time with precision. It’s a solution first visited by Bell & Ross in 2013. By externalising the numerical inscriptions on the flange, checking the time becomes a seamless experience. Alongside the hour hand, the large minute hand benefits from a generous white arrow evoking a pointer. Slim and ultra precise, the central second hand creates an interesting kinetic visual effect through its large counterweight that permanently animates the dial, like a plane in flight. Discreet yet efficient, the date is displayed in a round window placed between 4 and 5 o’clock, making it easy to be present when needed, without disrupting the ability to tell the time instantly in the heat of the action. 

Bell&Ross BR 03 Gyrocompass

Ensuring its functionality in the dark, the watch features a sophisticated luminescent treatment: the cardinal points and their triangular indices are coated with Super-LumiNova with a green emission colour, while the time indications are highlighted by an immediately recognisable blue emission. Meanwhile, the aircraft silhouette still stands out in a unique yellow tint with green emissions


Beyond the power of the display, the watch pays homage to the complex mechanical design of the aeronautical gyrocompass. For pilots, it’s crucial to know their precise position. For pilots, it is crucial that they are aware of their precise location – for this reason, engineers have developed the Gyrocompass, a visually simple yet technically complex system, with a mechanism that transfers the position of the plane in flight into a vertical graphic representation on the dial. The BR 03 GYROCOMPASS does not feature a gyrocompass, but a watch movement with proven reliability: the BR-CAL.302 self-winding caliber with 54-hour power reserve. (Price €. 4,500)

Bell&Ross BR 03 Gyrocompass
Bell&Ross BR 03 Gyrocompass