July 05, 2020

Klokers: Klok-01 & Klok-02 | On The Wrist

Born from the concept of the two founders, Nicolas Boutherin and Richard Piras, and grown on the fundraising platform Kickstarter, Klokers is a young startup that interpretates a circular slide rule watch with a 70’s touch.

Of course we tried them for you, to give you a better idea!

Klokers - Watch Insanity 03

Starting from an aesthetic perspective the Klokers are nice and fun, the colors of the dials, and the straps and accessories, makes them young and smart, and with a competitive price that starts at €.399,00.

In the Klok-01 the time can be read in vertical at 12 o’clock through a hand lens. Why in vertical? Because hours, minutes and seconds are indicated on three concentric discs, the external and bigger one tells the hour, the central medium disc tells the minutes, and the smaller central disc tells the seconds. The three discs are moved by a Ronda quartz movement, enclosed in a 44mm case made by a polymer metal.

Klokers - Watch Insanity 02

The Klock-02 is more complicated compared to the first model, it features jumping hours of 24 different time zones, and minutes and seconds retrograde. The dial is split in two different parts. In the upper part, on a half moon dial, it is possible to read minutes and seconds, while in the lower part we can find hours, date, and city of the time zone, inside two small portholes. This time the case diameter is in 43mm.

Klokers - Watch Insanity 01

Every model is combined with a Klokers patented strap, which allows the owner to change it very easily, thank to a pusher located at 8 o’clock on the case.

The Klokers are light and easy to wear, design and colors are new and trendy, and the price surely encourages all the watch enthusiasts.the only weakness is the way of reading the time, it takes a bit of time to get used to it.

Klokers - Watch Insanity 04